- Size Matters! -

If a bike doesn't fit right, it's not going to be ridden. A bike not ridden is a very sad bike. Our efforts here at Rodriguez Bicycles to prevent the creation of very sad bikes has been nonstop since the 1970's. This year, we've come up with our best solution ever!

Along with the development of the NEXT fit software system came the realization that if we could fit 90 to 95% of our customers if we built our Rodriguez bicycles in 18 sizes instead of just 10. With the improvements we made in our frame shop over the last few years, we no longer have to batch similar sizes and types of bicycles together when we manufacture them (see March 2006 Newsletter). This enables us to build 18 production sizes as easily as we could build 6 sizes (like most manufacturers).

For 2011 Rodriguez Bicycles will be offered in 18 production sizes, in addition to custom size for just $100 extra. The improvements don't end there though. Our new manufacturing method smoothes out things in our paint shop as well. This allows us to offer more choices in paint and decals at no extra charge. Any production bike can be painted one of 4 paint jobs, with your choice of 5 different decal styles (of course custom paint is still an option as always, just add $150).

How about that? 18 sizes, 4 colors, 5 different decal options, and lighter weight, stronger tubing for every production bike we make and no price increases? Add to this the NEXT fit software system of fitting, and you've got the best lineup in the industry!

Illustration 1 shows the size spread of most bicycle manufacturers.

Illustration 2 shows the size spread of the 2011 Rodriguez lineup.

Sizing is serious business at Rodriguez Bicycles.