What does the Travel Option from Rodriguez Bicycle Company include?

You get WAY, WAY MORE with the Rodriguez Travel Option

The travel option is available as an upgrade on just about any Rodriguez bicycle or tandem at time of purchase. We also offer this upgrade in the repair shop for a bicycle that you may already own.

The beauty of the S&S coupling system is that you can have a regular bike that performs just like a regular bike, but at the same time you can pack it into a 26" X 26" X 10" suitcase for flying on airlines. You don't have to have a regular bike, and a 'sub-par' folding bike for travel.

At Rodriguez you get the above and beyond level of service that our customers have come to expect from us. You'll get the same S&S couplings as other manufacturers offer, but that's really where the similarities end.

Last season, I had several calls from customers who had bought their travel tandems or bikes from other manufacturers to ask for a lesson on how to pack and un-pack their bike. It seems that they had heard of the lessons that we offer Rodriguez customers and they wanted that same advantage. We came up with a price to charge them - $500. Included with your Rodriguez travel bicycle is our new Packing Lesson DVD.(If you still would like some one-on-one packing instruction, Rodriguez customers can get that level of attention for only $300.

A Fair Comparison
I was surprised to hear that other manufacturers are not including this type of 'after the sale' service, and I realize that there is a lot of value in it. Some people call around and find out who has the cheapest travel upgrade. For this reason, I thought I should lay out these differences here so that customers can compare value as well as price before choosing who will build their new ride.

The Devil's in the Details

S&S Couplers 1.) S&S couplings (2 on a single bike or 4-6 on a tandem).
These guys are mounted right into the frame and allow the bike to be taken apart easily with the use of a small wrench that comes with the upgrade.

2.) Cable Splitters allow easy reassembly with no adjustments of gears or brakes. Some manufacturers include these, but some do not. Either way, you're going to want them as no travel bike is worth a hill of beans without them. If you add them after the fact, they run about $40 a set. But, if your bicycle is not designed to use them, they will tear up your paint. Read more

3.) Rodriguez exclusive 'outrigger' cable stops. These prevent damage to the paint when you're bike is using cable splitters. Most manufacturers don't use these. We've been making them for our bikes since 1996. Read more

4.)Packing and Unpacking DVD. Every 2011 Rodriguez Travel bike comes standard with our instructional DVD showing you step by step how to dis-assemble and pack your bike, as well as un-pack and re-assemble it.

Additional Services Offered

Here are a few upgrades we offer in addition to your travel purchase to get you out on the road, not pulling your hair out trying to put the bike back together.
1.) Protective padding custom cut and labeled. Included with your Rodriguez Travel Bike is several rolls of S&S protective padding, but for just a small upgrade you can get the best in custom padding. We have been building travel bikes since 1995, and have developed a few tricks to get your bike completely covered when you put it in the case. This way you end up with fewer dings, scratches or dents. Cut and labelled, the padding will help make packing your bike a breeze. Read more
2.) Packing and un-packing lessons. Included with your purchase of a Rodriguez bicycle is our Packing lesson DVD, but what's even better than that? A class with one of our experienced mechanics who has taken apart and rebuilt hundreds of bikes just like yours. No where else can you have the mechanic who built your bicycle teach you one-on-one how to get it apart and into the case with the least amount of hassle. Read more

The Rodriguez
Travel Option includes:

  • S&S couplings (2 on a single bike or 6 on a tandem)
  • Cable Splitters
  • Rodriguez exclusive 'outrigger' cable stops
  • 2 rolls of protective padding, 4 with tandems (uncut)
  • Rodriguez instructional DVD (New for 2011!)
  • Rodriguez instruction manual
  • Rodriguez seat height keeper
  • S&S Machine works coupler tool
  • Self extracting crank bolts
  • 8mm allen wrench for self extracting crank bolts

See detailed explanations to the bottom left of this page

(add to the price of
any new Rodriguez bike)

  • For any steel road or touring bike that we make $699
  • For any steel ST design tandem (4-couplings) $1,699
  • For any steel tandem that we make (6-couplings) $1,999
  • For any titanium road or touring bike that we make $1,399
  • For any titanium tandem that we make (6-couplings) $3,999

More Travel Accessories
(sold separately)
  • Protective padding custom cut and labeled- $100 (single bike) $175(Tandem)
  • Packing and un-packing lessons - $300
  • Soft case $65
  • Backpack case $255
  • Hard case $400
  • TSA security netting $35

Some Photos

Rodriguez Travel Single Bicycle
Competition Series with Couplings

Rodriguez Willie Wier Travel Single Bike
UTB Series with Couplings

Rodriguez Navigator with S&S Couplers
Navigator with Couplings

Rodriguez Toucan Travel Tandem
Toucan Tandem with Couplings

S&S Travelling Case 26inch wheel in an S&S Case
700c wheel in an S&S Case
Pictured here is the largest production size UTB we make, packed into a hard case (shown here without the protective padding) Wheel size is very important to consider for you new travel bike, especially if you want to use wide tires

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