- The Rodriguez 8-Ball Convertible Travel Tandem -

"A travel bike built for two... I mean one... I mean two"

8-Ball customer letters:
The 8-Ball is a Rodriguez exclusive. It's a travel bike and a travel tandem all in one bike. The entire thing will break down easily to fit into two 26" by 26" by 10" flight cases.

The Story - When S&S couplings first came out, I immediately thought about a 'convertible' bike. One that would not only pack into a small flight case, but serve as both a traveler's single bike and a traveling couple's tandem bike. It made sense to me. I drew one up before we even had any couplings in stock. But, my head frame builder at the time didn't think it made sense, so we scrapped the project.

A few months later, our service manager drew up a design for a tandem that he could fit into a back pack. Our frame builder brought the design up to me (it looked very similar to the convertible that I had drawn), we combined the 2 designs, and with a few modifications, the Eight ball was born.

It wasn't long after that when Willie Weir and his wife Kat came to us about getting a tandem for their tour in Cuba. Willie is a world class bicycle traveler, columnist and KUOW commentator. He bicycles in places around the world that are obscure and amazing. After hearing about their plan, we decided that the Eight ball would be the perfect bike for them.

Willie was to go to Cuba first, and tour by himself for an extended period of time. Then Kat would fly in and join him. Our thought was that Willie could just take the 'single' configuration with him, and Kat could bring the pieces for the tandem conversion with her. This way, they wouldn't have an extra bike to try and store somewhere in Cuba. The plan went perfectly.

In the years since, we've built several of these bikes. Everyone who has one loves it. We've even had one customer add a 3rd section to their Eight ball, and now it's a travel single, a travel tandem, and a travel triplet! The versatility is amazing.

There's no better test for a bicycle design than having someone like Willie and Kat tour where there are no roads, bike shops, or spare parts. The Rodriguez Eight ball has proven its self to be a travelers best friend time and time again. I encourage anyone who thinks they would like to travel with a bicycle to consider this versatile design.

Rohloff Speedhub
This year, we've added a Rohloff drive option for the 8-ball. We've developed a clean way of incorporating this unique design into a versatile tandem/touring bike.

There are 4 stock colors to choose from, and custom paint is quoted per job.

Custom Rodriguez 8-Ball frame/fork $4,799
(add $300 for Rohloff version frame) for the tandem/single/travel configuration.

Full Bike Specs

8-Ball Mirage

8-Ball Veloce

Ultimate 8-Ball

Rohloff 8-Ball






ForkCro-moly SteelCro-moly SteelAlpha Q/Woundup CarbonCro-moly Steel
Head set Alloy Sealed CartridgeAlloy Sealed CartridgeFSA Orbit XAlloy Sealed Cartridge
Brake/Shift leversCampagnolo Mirage ErgoCampagnolo Veloce ErgoCampagnolo Record Ergo 10-spTektro ATB/Rohloff twist grip
CranksAlloy TandemAlloy TandemDaVinci TandemAlloy
BrakesTrillium Big SqueezeTrillium Big SqueezeCampagnolo Record/Big SqueezeTrillium Big Squeeze
Stoker stemRodriguez adjustableRodriguez adjustableRodriguez adjustableRodriguez adjustable
Front DerailleurShimano SoraShimano SoraCampagnolo Comp TripleNone
Rear DerailleurCampagnolo MirageCampagnolo VeloceCampagnolo Comp TripleRohloff 14-speed internal
Bar tapeCinelli CorkCinelli corkCinelli corkATB grips
TiresSerfas Kevlar BeltedSerfas Kevlar BeltedVredestein FortezzaSerfas Kevlar Belted
Bottom bracketsPhil Wood stainlessPhil Wood stainlessPhil Wood TitaniumPhil Wood stainless
26" wheels with 3- year warranty
RimsAlex SUBAlex SUBAlex SUBAlex SUB
Rear HubPhil Wood CassettePhil Wood CassettePhil Wood Cassette/Alloy AxleRohloff
Front hubPhil WoodPhil WoodPhil Wood/Alloy AxlePhil Wood

700c Wheelswith 3- year warranty
RimsVelocity Deep VVelocity Deep VVelocity Deep V
Rear HubPhil Wood CassettePhil Wood CassettePhil Wood Cassette/Alloy Axle
Front hubPhil WoodPhil WoodPhil Wood/Alloy Axle

Handle barsProfile AlloyProfile AlloyFSA K-Wing CarbonAlloy Flat Bars
Seat PostsAlloy 27.2Alloy 27.2FSA K-Force CarbonAlloy 27.2
SpokesDT stainless steelDT stainless steelDT stainless 14/15 w/alloy nipplesDT stainless steel
CogsHyperglide cassetteHyperglide cassetteHyperglide cassetteRohloff
SeatsWTB or SerfasWTB or SerfasTerry Fly TiWTB or Serfas

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