- 2011 Trillium Outlaw
Sub 15lbs Rides for Men and Women -

2012 Specs are Here

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Full Bike from $8,499

Full bike with pedals and
bottle cage is just 14.07 pounds

(With Campagnolo Super Record)

Frequently Asked Questions about our bikes:

6 year old, 39 pound Grace, lifting the
Trillium Outlaw

Grace, still holding the bike while my cheap digital camera warms up for another shot.
Fit = Comfort = Better Performance

The Trillium Outlaw -
Sorry professional racers, this bicycle has been banned by the UCI. It's considered an unfair advantage to race a bicycle this light!

Do you need a carbon fiber frame to get your bike weight down to 14 pounds? Most people think so. How about tubular tires (the kind that are glued onto the rim)? Sure they're really light, but they're really not practical for everyday riding. What about tearing the leather off of your seat, or riding with no water bottle cages? That would lighten up the bike, right? How about drilling extra holes in the components, or riding with downtube shifters instead of new integrated shifting? Believe it or not, these are just some of the things that people will do to make their bike light....really light....like too light to race professionally.

Check out our full line of Competition models
A few seasons back, Scott started talking with me about making a really light Rodriguez Trillium bike to have on the shop floor in addition to our other Competition bikes. A bike with all stock parts, and no crazy modifications (no extra holes drilled in the components, and the leather still on the seat). We've built a few of these for customers, but never one to put on the floor. When I over heard some guys in a coffee shop talking about their 17 and 16 pound carbon fiber bikes as if they were the lightest bikes ever built, I realized that we should have one of these on the shop floor for people to see. It's one thing for us to tell you that we can build a sub 15 pound bike (including pedals and bottle cages), and it's another thing to lift it for yourself, and see it weighed on a digital scale right before your eyes.

Paper Doesn't Refuse Ink
My Father-in-law always says "paper doesn't refuse ink". I've learned that he's right. Just because it's printed in a catalog, doesn't mean that a bike is as light as the printing says. I've seen bikes that weigh over 3 pounds more than their stated catalog weight. Often, these $5,000+ bikes weigh more than our standard Competition steel bikes even though ours are less expensive. On occasion, I've pressed the issue with the sales rep. They usually said something like "I'm sure that was the weight before pedals" or "that was probably the weight for a smaller sized frame" or "you can't trust that scale". (I know my scale was right)

Nothin' Up Our Sleeve
The bike webuilt and weighed is one of our medium sizes (roughly equivalent to a 54cm frame), has 700c clincher wheels, Speedplay pedals just like the ones that many of us ride everyday, and a water bottle cage on it before weigh in. The shifters are modern integrated design, and all the components are stock with no modifications.

Trust but Verify
If you've got friends that are constantly telling you about their super light weight carbon fiber or titanium bike, come by the shop with them sometime, and we'll weigh it for them on our digital scale. That way, they can be sure that it's lighter than a steel bike (wink wink), and that their sacrifice of ride quality was worth it.

No Sacrifice!
The Trillium Outlaw gives you all the bragging rights of having the lightest bike, as well as the most comfortable and best fitting bike in the pack. The Outlaw rides comfortable like a steel bike because it is a steel bike.

The Trillium Outlaw is our lightest Competition bike, and as such is not entirely suited to everyone's needs or budget. If you like the look and the attention to detail, check out the other bikes avaliable in out Competition line of bicycles.

The Specs

Trillium Outlaw SRAM

14.53lbs. (Size5L)
Tube SetRodriguez Outlaw Steel
ForkAlpha Q GS20
Shift/Brake LeversSRAM Red
Shifter HousingSRAM
BrakesZero Gravity
Brake HousingTeflon Lined
Bottom BracketSRAM Red
CranksSRAM Red
Front DerailleurSRAM Red
Rear DerailleurSRAM Red
Cog SetSRAM Red 10 speed
ChainSRAM Red 10 speed
HubsDT Swiss 190
RimsStan's Alpha 340
SpokesDT Revolution
TiresVredestein Fortezza Tri-Comp
Handle BarsFSA K-Force Carbon
HeadsetChris King
TapeCinelli Cork
Seat PostThompson Masterpiece
SaddleSelle Italia
PedalSpeedplay X-1
Water Bottle cageSerfas Cirque SL
Digital Scale Verified
14.53 Pounds

The Specs

Trillium Outlaw Super Record

14.07lbs. (Size5L)
Tube SetRodriguez Outlaw Steel
ForkAlpha Q GS20
Shift/Brake LeversCampagnolo Super Record 11
Shifter HousingNokon Aluminum
BrakesZero Gravity
Brake HousingNokon Aluminum
Bottom BracketCampagnolo Super Record 11
CranksCampagnolo Super Record 11
Front DerailleurCampagnolo Super Record 11
Rear DerailleurCampagnolo Super Record 11
Cog SetCampagnolo Super Record 11
ChainCampagnolo Super Record 11
HubsAmerican Classic Mag 300
RimsAmerican Classic Mag 300
SpokesAmerican Classic Mag 300
TiresVredestein Fortezza Tri-Comp
Handle BarsFSA K-Force Carbon
HeadsetChris King
TapeCinelli Cork
Seat PostThompson Masterpiece
SaddleSelle Italia
PedalSpeedplay X-1
Water Bottle cageSerfas Cirque SL
Digital Scale Verified
14.07 Pounds

Guaranteed Light!

When someone spends a lot of money on a light weight bicycle, it's only fitting that bicycle should actually be light weight, right? It should also be weighed with all the parts on the bike including pedals and a bottle cage, right? I can tell you that most of the other manufacturer's bikes really weigh significantly more than claimed by the manufacturers in their catalogs and websites... especially the titanium and carbon fiber bikes. These inaccurate weights are usually repeated verbally without question by the dealers and by the customers who own the bikes. If you want to have some fun, carry a small scale in your pocket when shopping for a bike and test their weight claims.

If weight is important to you, don't trust anyone (including me) about how much your bike weighs until you've weighed it yourself on a digital scale. If weight is important, get a written guarantee about how much your bike will weigh, and let the manufacturer know that you expect to return the bike if the weight is heavier than that. Out weight conscious customers get such a guarantee that the components that we select will be appropriate for their size, riding style and intended use.

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