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Every summer we get a lot of folks calling us who don't own a Rodriguez tandem, but they saw one of our stoker stems on a Rodriguez, and they want to know if they can get one for their tandem.

Our stoker stem offers limitless adjustment and compatibility. If you want to set it up for a child stoker it's no problem. Just get a higher, longer stem. Want to adjust back for an adult? Easy! How about convert your bars to the new carbon fiber handlebars? The only problem is that the carbon bars (and most high tech bars) are 31.8mm clamp diameter, and other manufacturers are locked into the 26.0 spec. With a Rodriguez stoker stem, you just change the part that holds the bars.

Seat post diameters vary from bike brand to bike brand, so we make these on a custom basis to fit your brand. The price is $199.99 and includes the adjustable shaft and a Profile Boa stem.

Curious about what else we make at Rodriguez Bicycle company? Check us out at the Rodriguez Bicycles Home Page.

Rodriguez Stoker Stem Adaptor with short stem

Rodriguez Stoker Stem adaptor with the stem extended

Rodriguez Stoker stem with the stem facing downward

Rodriguez stoker stem with a super long stem attached to it

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